Aegila is an investment and advisory firm focusing on real estate assets across Europe.

Based in London, we provide bespoke investment and advisory services to help our clients access attractive investment opportunities and achieve superior returns through active management across the investment life-cycle.

Aegila is backed by two of the most respected financial institutions in the GCC, Osool Asset Management and BBK, who are both joint-shareholders and seed investors.

Our team consists of investment professionals with broad international experience from leading institutions within investment banking, corporate finance, real estate, private equity and asset management.

We deliver value to our clients by carefully sourcing, analysing and managing investments.

  • Through our global industry network, we can access a broad range of proprietary investment opportunities in different asset classes across Europe.

  • We select the most attractive investment opportunities thorough rigorous analysis and careful due diligence of markets and individual asset potential.

  • We take a hands-on approach to asset management by working together with leading local operating partners to unlock the full value of our assets.

Aegila is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom.